This is a grape variety cultivated in the heart of Romagna, but discovered not so long ago. Burson can be found out in the plain near the town of Bagnacavallo, in the province of Ravenna. The Longanesi grapes, from which you obtain Burson, makes a structured, full bodied red wine rich in aromas and with a quite high alcohol content.  

Maybe you don’t know that
Romagna is a land famous for its big wines like Albana and Sangiovese, but is also renowned for typical local products preserved by the passion of some traditional producers.
This is the fate of Longanesi grapes (Burson) found out by Antonio Longanesi in the Fifties, having seen a vine climbing up an oak tree. This wine has a similar history to Centesimino, and makes us consider the habits of the beginning of last century, when vines where grown all together, and grapes were vinified blended together, so that it was not unusual to ignore the existence of singular vine varieties among the vineyards. 

The Consortium “Il Bagnacavallo” has registered the name of the wine obtained from Longanesi grapes as “Burson” and since 1997 it has been protecting Burson’s features with a production regulation. Today Burson is made in two versions: Blue label and Black label.

Burson today
The warm nights of mid-seasons or the winter afternoons spent in front of the chimney provide the quiet atmosphere for a glass of Burson. The perfect scenario for this wine is represented also by a group of friends relaxing together or sit around a laid table, accompanied by the rich aromas of Burson: wild fruit, spices and licorice.