Pagadebit is one of the wines belonging to the DOC (PDO) Romagna. It is produced from Bombino Bianco grapes, with the addition of other white varieties making for up to 15% of the total. This grape is produced on the hilly part of the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini, notably in the municipalities of Bertinoro and Castrocaro Terme. The main features of this wine are a straw yellow colour with greenish hues, a flowery aroma with a clear hawthorne scent and an harmonious, delicate taste with floral and herbaceous hints. It is produced dry and semi-sweet both as a still and as a semi-sparkling wine.

Maybe you don’t know that
The name Pagadebit means “repaying the debts” and refers to the productivity and resistance of Bombino Bianco, which made it possible for farmers to pay their debts even in the worst vintages. In the mid-‘60s, this variety was close to extinction, as a single vine row survived in the surroundings of Trentola, on the hill of Bertinoro. From that moment, thanks to technological improvements and to the commitment of a few producers of the area, Pagadebit has regained its place among the wines of Romagna, obtaining the DOC (PDO) denomination in 1988.

Pagadebit today
Today,  Pagadebit doesn’t hold the function of paying one’s debts anymore, but it turns out to be suitable to almost every occasion and easy to match with a number of recipes. Piadina and cold cut appetizers? Italian omelette with vegetables? Soups? Shellfish? Dry Pagadebit is a light and pleasant match for all of these dishes. Its low alcohol level (min 10,5% of total volume) and its freshness, particularly enjoyable at a temperature of 10°C, make it the ideal pairing for a lunch on the beach. Finally, what you need to finish your meal with a sweet taste is a creamy dessert and a glass of semi-sweet Pagadebit.